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Tokyo DisneySea’s best worst secret

So at the beginning of May this year me and my partner were lucky enough to travel to Tokyo for a week. While our timing was completely off regarding our Disney ticket days as we booked Disneyland and Disney Sea for the first two days of our holiday, completely not taking into account the atrocious jet lag we were about to be hit by, we still had loads of fun while we were there.

So after our bad timing we decided to book ourselves some night time tickets (Which is super easy to do in any Tokyo Convenience Store!) and head back on our last night of the holiday to enjoy the park properly. We found out the problem with night time tickets is while you get a slightly quieter park from 6PM, is that at 8PM pretty much all the food stalls and restaurants close.

We took this time to make a quick plan of action and jumped into the closest place we could find to get a drink or two before we headed back into the park but what we found was amazing. Tucked inside the S.S. COLUMBIA¬†in Disney Sea is every Disney adult fan’s fantasy outside of Epcot. An astonishing bar called the Teddy Roosevelt Lounge with the cast members in period outfits ready to serve you whatever alcoholic drinks you want at the bar or you could even take a take and get some food while you’re here.

Now before we went here we had decided to have a drink or two while walking around but the drink selection isn’t huge in Disney Sea compared to Epcot where you will black out by the second country if you’re not careful, it’s mainly draft beer dotted around in a few different stalls and in a few restaurants. But in here you get given a full menu complete with seasonal specials.

While there was a bit of a language barrier (It’s expected if you travel halfway across the world!) the woman who was serving us was the most hospitable lady we’d ever met even going out of her way to try get google translator to work to help us with our orders.

We stayed for a good hour but if it wasn’t for us taking a look in you wouldn’t have known at all that this was also a bar. Outside are two luxurious menu’s for the two restaurants within the ship (One being the lounge) but no real mention of the sit down bar area that we were in. So if you decide to make the trek to Tokyo Disney I highly recommend you check out this small magical hideaway for yourself.


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