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Is a Disney Holiday actually expensive?

So when I’ve spoken to people regarding my vacations to Disney, the same thing is always brought up… “How do you afford to go to Disney, it’s so pricey!” I’m sure you’ve probably had the same conversation. Well you could go to Walt Disney world for about £1500 for two people if you’re smart enough about it!


This article is less for the people who visit Disney as much but for those who think they can’t go and that it’s an unreachable destination for themselves. I mean sure, the big price ticket is the park tickets depending on which one you go to but they’re a justifiable price for what amazing parks they are.


We’ve recently visited Tokyo Disney and while the overall holiday of visiting Japan from the UK was about £1700 for two of us, Disney tickets were surprisingly cheap. You could go to a local convenience store and buy after 6PM tickets for about ¥4200 each which came in at about £56 for the two of us to have 4 hours in a Disney park which is surprisingly good. 

But I think the park most people think is too out of their range if they’re visiting from a different country is Walt Disney World. I’ve seen so many people who talk about how they’d have to shell out for Disney dining and that after they get their room in the Animal Kingdom lodge that they’re paying upwards of £10,000 for a family of 4 before they even get their spending money!


Now listen to me. DON’T DO THIS. DO NOT TAKE THIS DEAL. You can have just as much of a happy Disney Vacation in one of their budget hotels. Whenever me and my partner go to Disney we opt to stay in the All-Star Resort. You’ll only be using these rooms for sleeping and the occasional mid day nap. So there’s your first cost cut.

secondly, travel around May or September to October. This is out of season so your flights would be significantly cheaper. While the later is hurricane season so you may get stuck in a park one day, but weather in Florida is frantic at the best of times anyway. Just listen to the news and weather warnings and you’ll be fine.


You know that Disney Dining? Throw it out the window. I doubt every family member is going to need a big meal at every part of the day. You can also get free Ice water wherever you go in Disney so you don’t have to worry about drinks too much. If you’re staying in actual Disney, it may seem easier but really, just have some snacks and go to a convenience store like Walgreen on international drive and get plenty of cheap food for yourselves. With that EAT OUTSIDE OF THE PARKS SOMETIMES. Restaurants are insanely cheap outside of the parks. If you drive, Great… If not a small Uber ride could save you feeding a whole family and losing your whole wallet.

There are plenty of other cost cutting things to do but with this you can get a £10000 Family holiday before spends down to a £3000-4000 holiday. My Partner used to go every September or may with her Mum and sister because of how smart they were with their travel and food so next time you think you can’t afford to go to Disney, give it another thought, even if you don’t stay at a Disney hotel you may just be able to get the holiday for the same price as that Spain holiday you’ve been planning.

What are your thoughts on this? Did you think a Disney holiday would waste all your money or did you think different? Let me know in the comments! disney


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